Happy Mondays- Pills, Thrills, & Bellyaches DELUXE
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Jun 22, 2001
You know you're getting old when contemporary albums of your day suddenly start to appear in nostalgic Deluxe Editions.
"A tacky badge and an extra track" as Morrissey once whined so appropriately. OK, let's deal with that and move on...

Here we have the Future of Rock 'N Roll. A future that never actually happened or materialized. It's vanguard, the Stone Roses, got bogged down in contractual disputes, and the Happy Mondays got bogged down in Pills, Thrills, & Bellyaches.

The future of rock 'n roll is still exactly what the Happy Mondays served up on a silver platter with this album, even if their particular moment passed them by.

Here we have the symbiotic blending of rock 'n roll (punk rock) with contemporary dance music. We have a "singer" who barks out orders and obscenely clever lyrics (a real poet of the gutter), Mark E. Smith style over totally credible and succusseful dance beats.

The band is appropriately grunge-y for its time; low-life glorified E dealers with musical instruments who would beat the sh@t out of you for looking at them wrong. Yet, you "clean" them up, combine them with Paul Oakenfold, a popular dance producer of the time, and you get pure magic, i.e. this record.

This album totally rocks and yet is as danceable and forward-looking as anything released today. The Mondays would shortly fall apart and vanish in a haze of drugs, but this album remains a milestone of modern rock.

This remaster is outstanding and not overly LOUD like most of them. For once a remaster and re-packaged issue that is worth the price of admission.

Check it out!
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Looks like its something I should get. I never got into this album except for the single "Step On" during the time but I'm finding out that my taste has changed a lot since then. I never liked Joy Division except for the song "love will tear us apart" before but now I am loving almost all of their songs. I'm looking for more good bands related to new order that I missed during the 80s and 90s. Just got the 2 monaco albums this year and am enjoying them very much.

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