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Gustard DAC-X20 Pro with USB First Impressions

  1. judgmentday
    I just got this baby yesterday from Amazon and so far I have been presented with:
    1- Very heavy and solid construction
    2- Good remote control (battery not included due to prohibition on transporting batteries)
    3- Drivers for Windows installed fine
    4- Included are: a USB cable, power cable, great 16GB flash drive with drivers for Windows, User manual, other information, Foobar stuff, great 24/192 demo, etc.
    5- It can be connected directly to my Bryston 4B3 300 watts amp (dying to hear the difference between this and a $4K pre amplifier)
    I connected it to my tube gear via coaxial cable and I am impressed by its sound, it puts to shame lots of those expensive DACs out of the box.
    I have not experienced none of the issues that other people have said that they have had with the unit. Of course, I still need to do lots of breaking in and some more experimentation/evaluation with  cables, inputs, other sources and most importantly my computer where I have stored my 24/96 collection but so far, it's been a great out of the box experience, I'm very happy.
  2. Thenewguy007
    I'm interested in your continued impressions.
    What other DACs have you heard to compare it with?
  3. judgmentday
    I had really good expectations about this DAC considering its solid construction, specs and looks, but I was disappointed. I had it on all the time about 2 weeks and the sound did not improve at all. To me, the sound was very bright and loud like 10 dB over my good old California Labs Alpha DAC. I thought I could replace my old Alpha DAC but the only one that really excited me was the Audio Research Reference DAC for like $18K.

    Others DACs compared with:
    Modi 2, Onkyo Receiver's internal DAC, Cary Audio DAC 200T, Bryston BDA3 DAC, Yggdrasil DAC and the Audio Research Reference DAC. Some of these are very expensive that can be more revealing on $50K - $100K systems.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  4. Thenewguy007

    Would you say the X20 Pro would fit in between the Modi 2 & the Bryston BDA3/Yggdrasil or would be outside those DAC, better or worse?
  5. canthearyou
    If you're looking to sell it let me know.

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