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Grimes. LP: Art Angels.

Discussion in 'Music' started by falang, Jan 15, 2016.
  1. falang
    Did a search, couldn't find a thread on this amazing album.
    Grimes Art Angels
    Lush, sweet, electronic pop at its finest.
    Exhibit A
    and B
    why not C?.
    Anyone else been enjoying this album?  I may have listened to it start to finish 30 times, and still go back to it daily.  Give it a shot.
    another gem
  2. discombob
    I was just shopping at h&m for some new pants today and one of the songs from art angels came on over the P.A.

    I thought to myself: "thanks to Grimes, I have finally managed to connect musically with today's generation".

    This album is sssoooo infectious and one of just a handful of truly great 2015 releases.
  3. ShamanTrip
    Been a fan of Grimes for a bit now. Her new album has some great tracks, though I am more a fan of her older releases. All around great artist with a promising future. Nothing generic out of her! 

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