Griffing PowerDock & Fuze question
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May 19, 2009
Hey guys. I finnaly got that dock but wondering what adapter I have to use ? I mean the small rubber things that came with it, the Fuze will be used with Leather case or silicone case when docked if it's important
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, I contacted Griffin suppot , 3-5 bussines day thei'll respond.
But as I think the dock connectors shound sit in the same angle, or a least the players connector, i know that cases add some mm to the player so ill check when i got them
, and maybe the middle one be perfect without any user interuption ,aka mod
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I think the issue is that it is a discontinued product and wasn't designed to fit the fuze, specificially. Thus, there is no pad that fits exactly. It really doesn't matter much, the connector holds the player just fine.
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Any suggestions?, Griiffin support team still not send me answer but opend "Support ticket" @ 10.05.2009 (take 3-5 business days), but maybe anyone here use that dock ? & btw maybe there is special adapter made dor Fuze that thay could send me? coz why the support page syas it compatible with player like "Connect" & "Fuze", actually what dimesion the Fuze got in relation to other Sansa models ? (I think it much thiner of all other models, is it?)
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Griffin dock has been discontinued before the launch of Fuze, so there isn't any 'adapter' made for it. You can use any of the adapter as long as it gives a bit of support on the player back, or pick one that is the closest. For Fuze with silicone case, pick the largest one. As long as you are careful, you don't even need to use any of them.

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