Greetings from Ohio
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Mar 25, 2006
I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ryan and I really found the forum usefull on my recent cmoy build. I am looking get into some more complicated amps and such. Not much else to say, any questions just ask, i am easy to get along with and glad to help anyone if i can.
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Mar 17, 2004
Civickid03 and Trains are bad, why aren't you guys showing up at the Ohio meets? Naughty naughty. Mikey from Cincinnati. I use to drive from Cincinnati to Portsmouth everyday, to retrieve medical samples from the two hospitals there, and returned to Cincinnati and sent them packing, at Lunkin airport, to the Mayo Clinic.
In Portsmouth, one day in late June 1991ish, I saw a very bad accident, on the 4 lane highway, in front of Wallmart. This road is almost like an expressway between downtown Portsmouth and Rt.32, with vehicles a flyin way to fast. An 18 wheeler loaded (very large) dump truck, doing 60, plowed thru a Renault Alliance (sub compact) with dad, mom, little girl, little brother and baby. The car had pulled out of Wallmart right in front of the truck. The little girl was alive and air care'ed to Childrens hospital in Columbus. The others, as I watched in horror, were scrapped up from many many cloth covered piles spread over a quarter mile, and put into body bags. The car was obliterated. The baby seat, originally in the back seat of the car, was found, without baby, under the front axel of the truck a quarter mile down the road. The engine and transmission were nowhere in site.

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