Greatest sound enhancer/eq for a "3d" SOUNDSTAGE
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Oct 21, 2008
I've already tried J river media center DSP, SRS Sandbox (WOW HD) which are decent and a few others that I didn't really like
I don't want an actual equalizer with manual adjustments for different frequencies because all of them that i've tried if you turn one up alot more than the others it tends to drown out all the others significantly (like if i turn up 60hz to a bass level i desire it'll drown the mids/highs and will sound disgusting) but this is not a problem with something like trubass in SRS which is the only one I know(and mach3bass) that can provide great bass quantity without drowning everything else!
any worthy suggestions will be appreciated
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Jan 31, 2010
Audigy 2 ZS with kX Audio drivers do the trick for me, I've never heard any better bass and it's so good I get worse experience if I add an amp than simply using the 10-band EQ DSP hardware plugin within the drivers (like you said the bass starts drowning everything else in case I use Gary's PA2V2 or FiiO E5 with bass boost on). ATM I'm listening with a +12dB 62Hz difference over the 8kHz frequencies or 14.5dB difference between 1kHz and yet I like what I'm hearing, very "full" sound, sounds more like speakers than a typical headphone. The Surrounder+ plugin takes care of turning stereo feed into "pseudo" 5.1 experience which works amazingly well. I keep 2 backup Audigy cards in case they'd break.

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