Grado modded to connect to cellphone easily.
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Oct 12, 2008
Hey guys!
A few days ago I got a new Nokia E71. Ofcourse right away I wanted to run my SR80s with it, and try it out.
Obviously I needed a 2.5 to 3.5 converter which was a huge hassle.
It kept benting and breaking, and I got tired of them.
The heavy cable of the grado's made every walk a nightmare.
The phone drives them pretty good, and the sound quality is satisfying. I would even consider replacing my iPod touch with this phone.
The phone came with crappy nokia headphones, so I decided to try a little project.
I took one of my TV banana cables out, and cut a piece of mono cable to run through the headband. I cut the Nokia headphones just before the mic, because I have no use for it.
If you want, you can leave it and just use the existing cables. (Note: one of them is shorter which is annoying as hell).
I stripped the cable which was apparently some microfibre because I couldn't really tell what was a cable and what was an isolator. I found out its just easier to melt the isolation with a soldering iron and basically played with the cable connected to the phone to find out what cable was which channel. There are 5 cables running through it. Ground, Left, Right, Mic and answer call. The best way to open the cans of the Grado's is to heat the edges with a hair-dryer and just pull, it will come off really easy.
Basically, I soldered the ground wires of both the mono cable running through the headband and the phones cable together on one of the connection on the transducer inside the right headphone, and one signal wire from the phone cable to the mono's signal wire (this would be the left channel). The other end of the mono cable was soldered easily inside the other headphone (left), and after making sure everything works correctly, I closed the phones and heated them up with the hairdryer again.
I put everything back together and I got grado's with a light, fine-quality cable with a 2.5mm connection connected to my cellphone for my listening pleasure, without the hassle of the heavy cable and the bulky connections. Not to talk about having one cable connected to my headphones instead of two.

(Pics uploading)

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