grado maintenance.
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Apr 3, 2006
When dust gets in the back of the earcups and goes inside the end result could be grattle or some other audible question is how do i open the cups to blow off the dust.can this be done?thanks!
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Has it happened to you actually (dust getting inside and causing trouble)? In my years of using Grado (regardless of whether they are lain facing down or straight up on a stand), I have never encountered such problems (and my house easily gets dusty!).

If you are that worried though, I figure keeping them straight on a headphone stand will minimise dust making it into the cups. This is what I do nowadays (and nothing else re. "maintenance").

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There are a few threads that explain how to open the cups. Too lazy to look for them. But yea, what others said, dust won't cause grattle. Only if the diaphram is bent of there's hair touching them, then they grattle. Usually with hair a simple blow of air clears it out.
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there is a paper covor on the back of grados.

dust isnt substantial to cause grattle anyways. my "upgrado/fgrankengrados" have both the back papers and the WHOLE GRILL removed and no grattle. if i didnt have a coarse wire mesh over the driver you could poke them...
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Och hoots mon, jist git yersel a straw and give them heidphones a gid sook n blaw!

I think youre worrying about a problem which isnt important, and may not even exist tbh.
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Going on 2 and a half years with my SR80 and no grattle at all. These have been lugged all over NY state when I dormed, etc. And my SR325I I had for almost a year and still sound superb as well.

BTW, I'm not gonna ask why you need 50 posts, but these kind of antics will get you a crappy reputation at this great forum....

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