Grado headband assembly drivers modification?
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Grey Massacre

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Mar 14, 2007
Hello guys,

I am wondering if any of you had the though of completely fitting the Grado cups by another branded headphone assembly with some modification?

I have some 325i recabled and I wanna try something, I would try to fit the Grado's in a Beyer assembly or something similar, more sturdy. It is for sure requiring some modification..

Any info appreciated...


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It's been done. In fact, I remember seeing a pair of Grados modified with a beyer headband in the FS forum just a few days ago. A Canadian add, it was, as well. If you do some digging around, I'm sure you can find further information on the mod.
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Many users just add the beyer headband over the Grado headband, I am talking about changing the whole headband assembly. Like getting rid of the rods, plastic holders, filmsy headband.
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I believe Nikongod put Grado drivers in a beyer DT770 shell. Basically a complete mod, with only the drivers from the grados left.
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Well guys check out my Gardo MS1 mod
sure sound better

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