Good portable Amp/Dac for Sennheiser Momentum Over ear
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Oct 12, 2015
Hello everybody,

I'm getting in the audio game just recently and just bought the momentums wich i quiet like.

since my source is either ipad/iphone, when i play them through mu laptop i hear quiet a bit of difference. Sound gets much louder.

I'd love to have some feedback from more expert people on what portable amp/dac to buy in order to get balanced sound and boost the volume of my iphone/ipad.

Also i do not want to spent a lot of money on this, under 100€ possibly.


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I own a pair of Momentums. I dont think you need an amp for the momentum they are only 18 ohms headphones. To get sound balance sounds like an EQ problem. I don't know about iPhone nowadays I haven't used iPhone since 3gs, but most phones have a high enough volume to drive momentums.

Anyways Fiio has some pretty nice portable dac/amp. I have the Fiio e17 which are very nice price value. I think the Fiio e17k are only available now but are abit above your budget. But if you find a cheap deal on the Fiio e17 go for it. I think fiio has 100-110ish dac/amp too.
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Thanks ukkoclap,
i get your point that the iphone drives the momentum pretty well but when i plug them in a pc you can really hear some difference over iphone. Fornthis reasonninwas thinking about amp + dac. Now what i'm looking for on the amp side is that it does not color the sound, that is stays pretty netraul. The e17 would be a good choice with this in mind? Thanks
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Will it give some little boost volume wise and stay neutral as in sound signature? Some songs are low in vol played through the iphone campared to same song played through laptop...
By the way i'd want a dac/amp all in one solution so probably e11 is not for me :frowning2:

Is topping nx2 any good?
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I don't really see the sound signature changing. Your best option is probably going for the e17 / e17k, grab the e17 if cheaper imo.
Another thing you might consider using a portable dac it's not the most handy setup if you're traveling since you need several cables such as your phone hooked to UTG then from your UTG to USB to your iphone. Also your headphone is ofcourse attached to the DAC/AMP. If you need to uise your phone you have the UTG/USB cable attached to the phone. Just keep that in mind. I use to use a portable amp/dac, but found it too clunky, still great portable device to take it with me for a laptop or sitting somewhere stationary, when not at home like the office though.
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Don't plan on travelling a lot, might use at my desk or around but not really on the move.
E17 looks sweet but still would prefer spending a little less, that's why topping nx2 is appealing but not many reviews about it...
Fiio e7 is any good ??
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Fiio E6 would be perfect for you I think. 

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