Good old headphone question
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Jun 24, 2017
Hey. Surely million times asked question, but never gets old. I am looking for headphones who would be used for music, and games, but most importantly for movies. I have great 4k blu ray collection, and with great visuals I need great sound. Sure there would be an immediate answer - home theatre, and case solved. While that is true I cant have luxury of it, neither because of limited room, nor because of actual costs, plus inconvenience of enjoying at late evenings without waking up everybody around. So headphoes are only option. But i want good sounding, nicely built and something i can drive with sound blaster g6. For me that dac/amp is as far it can go from driving point. There is millions of options who surpass it but i think sound blaster g6 for money and what it does is great value. So i was looking for good but not extremely expencive headphoes to combine with. I had in past Sony MDR MA900 used for some time and found them too flat for my liking. Great soundstage, and for acoustic music excellent, but as for movies and games not so much. So what would be recommended? I went through all brands optional, but good Beyerdynamyc or Sennheiser are too expencive, Audeze as well. Wad looking into Audeze Mobius but that dont need any dac/amp and will not suit me. Sony as well great models cost a leg. Philips Fidelio X2HR maybe? That comes as reasonably priced, good sounding especially for games and movies. Possibilities are endless only not the size of my wallet :). Anyways guys or girls, if anybody can recommend something i would be happy to have discussion, sure here are so much more experienced people who knows way more than i do.
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