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Good IEM with a neutral balanced sound?

  1. Shadow97
    Hello! Are there any good IEMs that has a neutral balanced sound with rolled off highs?
  2. abdullah1
    i think the oriveti new primacy will fit your needs
  3. serman005
  4. Meetite
    Assuming you are looking at a moderate budget (somewhere between $150 and $300) I'd say basically anything from Etymotic's HF or ER lineup. They sound incredibly accurate. Just apply a little EQ if you don't like how they sound right away, the Etymotic's handle EQ pretty well (assuming you don't push them too far).

    Also look at Sennheiser IEMs, the IE80 would probably fit what you want and you can manually tune the bass to be lower or higher to match your needs. They also go on sale a lot and sometimes show up below $200
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017

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