Good IEM for jogging/biking ~$75
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New Head-Fier
Oct 8, 2008
What is a good IEM without an insane amount of isolation, suitable for biking, and sports stuff? In the range of $75 or less. I read a lot on here that the Sony MDR EX line has pretty poor isolation, that might come to an advantage in this situation, plus they are all pretty cheap, apart from the 700's. I would very well just use some horrible Apple Earbuds for this activity, but I would like something with more detail and bass punch.

Sony MDR-EX85LP?

I'm aware that IEM's are the definite answer for this type of application, but since I will be wearing a helmet, any other type of cans get in the way from what I've experienced, whether it be ear clip style, or around the head band, definitely over the head don't work.

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