Good headphones for work
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Nov 29, 2008
First of all let me apologise for creating yet another "what heaphones should I get?" thread, but I looked at the buying guide thread and it didnt really help much.

Im looking for a set of headphones to use for listening to my MP3 player at work, I currently have a set of shure ear canal phones but I need something thats comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
I mostly listen to metal and hardcore, so Im looking for something that has a good punchy bass and nice crisp highs, Id rather have something thats a bit sharper/crisper sounding than warm sounding (if that makes sense).
I tried out a pair of Grado SR60s, but I wasnt really impressed, I felt there wasnt enough bass. I realise that listening to them on my MP3 player isnt going to give me the best idea of their performance, but thats what I need the headphones for so if they dont sound great on my MP3 then theres not much point.
Lastly, these headphones will be used at work, so noise leakage is a bit of a concern.

So to sum it up Im looking for something with a good punchy bass (good for metal), fairly confortable to wear with as little noise leakage as possible. My price range is ideally under £100 (available under £100 in the UK), but Im willing to go up to £150 if neccessary.

Thanks for your help.
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May 25, 2007
Perhaps predictably, but I'll recommend Audio Technica ES7s. They are closed so they don't leak out, but they leak in enough to know when the phone is ringing or someone is speaking to you (unless the volume is too loud). Their sound is fun, with enough bass to probably please you. They look decent and flold flat into an enclosed bag (at least when I bought them), which should make them easy to store in a drawer. Though they benefit from an amp, they do not need one.

Search for ES7. In those threads you'll read about other possibilities.


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