"Good enough", sub $50, 35mm, plugin power interface?
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I have a nice 35mm jack microphone that I use for video conferencing, Zoom, etc. It requires a few volts of "plugin power". The mic-in jack on my computer, as well as my ~$5 USB interface, aren't cutting it. Both are very noisy, and I get an occasional hum. Currently, I am pressing my zoom h5 into temporary audio-interface duty, and that does a nice job, but I'd rather have something there permanently. Note that my mic sounds great on my phone.

I have a nicer Behringer UMC202 that I can use when I am doing music recordings, but I don't think it provides the plugin power my 35 mm jack mic has. I have to believe there is some $10-30 USB sound card that has clean input and designed to keep noise from leaking into the mic input. Someone recommended a Creative Sound Blaster Play! 3, which is only $20.

Any other recommendations?
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happen to have a Nvdia RTX graphics card?
You can use RTX voice, filters out all sound but you talking, works damn well
Also just about any program that pics up the mic and enhances the audio should have the option to use noise filtering, and you should have the option to enhance the sound with stuff like banding(set to broadcast if you have the preset)

I personally don't know any but look for mic enhancement/pass through programs
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