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Good Earphones for iPhone with bass?

  1. jamiele23
    First time poster, long time user. I'm looking for new earphones for the iPhone 4, preferably with a mic, lots of bass and around the $150 and $170 range. I brought the Super fi 5 vi and they were terrible (no bass and distorentated sound)
    Thanks, Jamie
  2. jamiele23
  3. Ince
    Apple players are not known for their bass.  I recommend you get a Sony DAP on the side, as Earphones can do so much regarding bass.  I read Hippo VB and Denon C710 have good bass. 
  4. yello131
    Radius DDM is among best bass out there in your price range.
    Search the forum for reviews. DDM comes with no Mic.
    But Radius company makes few head sets for iphone 3/4. No one here on Headfi seem to know how this sound...
    Perhaps you can tell us..
  5. dfrost
    First thing you need to do is look at joker's incredible set of comprehensive reviews. The table in Post #8 includes a column indicating which IEMs have mic/remotes. It will help you narrow your search and reduce your reading time.
    Your requirement for a mic/remote will reduce the options considerably. Another approach would be to add an inline adapter such as this new one from Shure, or for much less money, this one from Amazon. There are others (search on Amazon), but most seem to have reliability problems.
  6. jamiele23
    how is the Klipsch Image S4i?
  7. jamiele23
    also how about headfones without mics?

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