Good 12V Supply to run car headunit?
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Jan 3, 2004
I currently have a Sony Mobile ES CDX-C910 which is a car cd player/headunit that used to cost something absurd since it's well known for its sound/build quality... it uses a pair of Burr Brown PCM-1702s which is a 20bit DAC which apparently was used in the Denon DA-500 and some other DIY projects from what I've searched for online.

I got it on eBay pretty cheap and it sounds pretty decent the way I have it set up. Right now it's connected to the +12v and ground lines of an old AT PC power supply. I'm sure the PC power supply isn't the best choice for overall sound quality, though. There's no interference that I can hear with it hooked up to my stereo, but I'm assuming a better supply would help quality and also get the rats nest of spliced wires off my desk

So... now for my question, do you guys know of a relatively inexpensive ~$50-100 +12V DC power supply that can put out about 1A (the headunit has no internal amps, it's just a cd player and preamp) and is known for good quality, or do you think it's not worth bothering with? I'm also open to suggestions on other low-cost options like the NEC CD-ROM + DAC setups I've seen some people have.

PS: Does anyone know anything about the quality of the Crystal CS4216-XL6? They look to be the DAC chips in my SiliconGraphics Indigo2 (old unix workstation) and someone on Deja claimed the SGI's audio out was on the level of a home Sony ES CD player at the time which I find pretty hard to believe. Well, the Indigo2 was really expensive in its time and had some crazy features (what other computers had digital audio I/O in 93? :p ) but I've never had a chance to listen to it through any good systems.

Thanks and I hope this isn't too newbieish of a question

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