Going to Paris, France - Gear to Get?
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Jul 20, 2015
Hello All !

I'm leaving the US today to spend a week in Paris, France. Is there anything I should look at specifically in terms of headphones, IEM's, DAC's, or Music Players while I'm there that would cost considerably less $$ than if I purchased them in the US?

Right now about 90% of my music is in iTunes Lossless and on my iphone 7.
I'm giving serious consideration to using a dedicated music player so when the iphone is obsolete I'll still have a music player I can use. In the future I'd like to expand and move towards 24/96.


Thanks !!!!!
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In my experience, Paris isn't the best place for electronics. Nonetheless finding stuffs for better prices than the US. I hope someone can prove me wrong, but I've been down this road a couple times (I visit Paris almost yearly).

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