Going back to cd's, need some source help
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Sep 9, 2005
I've been realizing that I've been listening to whole cd's way more often recently so I'd like a nice source to compliment my DT880's and my incoming gs-1 =). The only problem is that I don't really have any clue where to start at the very least. I've been trying to do some searches/ reading, but it's been getting me no where.

So i figured I should ask what the best cd sources in these price ranges were.

Best 100-200 dollar:

Best 200-300 dollar:

Best 300-500 dollar:

Best 500-800 dollar:

Best 800-1000 dollar:

The sweet spot in cd sources:

A brief explination of why for each source would be awesome =) Thanks a ton.
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Consider the E5 at $750 total - perhaps as good as any CDP under $3000.

Pays to get a good source that you can live with without upgrading.
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Kinda a bit too open-ended. My "favourite" might not be someone else's favourite (aka "best"). For example, my favourite in the US$800-US$1000 range is probably the Rega Planet, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone that wants lots of detail -- it's more of a PRaT and warmth machine.

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