Go Customs or custom molds?
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Dec 6, 2007
Hey guys, heres my situation. I'm in highschool. so my budget is limited. In fact, I plan on laying out a strict budget of ONLY $200 to spend on my headphones until I graduate from college and get a job. I already have my UM2's and I love them. However, my tips are beginning to fade and I need new tips. So I was reading through old threads about customs and it doesnt seem as if custom molds for the UM2 is getting much love here. Besides my budget, anything I buy must be in CASH and at a retailer. Ordering online is not an option. I was looking into custom tips but I don't want to buy them, become disappointed and not use them. Isolation is great, but sound quality comes first. I don't think I can get anything that beats the UM2 as a custom for under $200. What exactly are my options guys? :/

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