Giveaway for head-fi noobs: Your first set-up! (Minibox-CL and Portapro)
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Aug 21, 2005
Well, i've pretty much completed my portable and home setup (except for a transport.. i'll hopefully find one soon)
Wanted to do a giveaway as my 1500th post but i missed that -_-

So here's a first setup giveaway for the noobies of head-fi..

The minibox is a nice tiny amp.. perfect for a first amp. I was going to sell it but it was given to me as a gift.. Instead of feeling guilty i'll pass on the joy to the next head-fier!
It comes with a charger and a mini-mini IC (pretty nice actually.. it has neutrik connectors)

The portapro is a nice little headphone that will come with the pouch. I liked it more than my KSC75 when i had it..

Neither has been used much at all and together they'll be a great first or second set up! (at least until.. upgrade-itis hits!)

Terribly sorry i can't give out better stuff.. high school part time job isn't exactly where the big bucks are at

Winner takes both.. Just reply to this post with the message 'tibor' (yes, i want to see the quote marks

Ends in a week from now and oh, i'll pay for shipping worldwide

PS. anyone with over 5 posts or has been registered since at least January qualifies
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... thanks ... but no thanks
I think this is excellent of you to give away a decent setup and had I not been as 'greedy' as I was when I just started reading head-fi, I'd have loved this setup... but now I already have ordered (and received) a bit of noob-stuff (LDM+, SR60, A900,...) so I'll let this be for another anxious noob

but in name of all head-fi noobs: thanks for the gesture!
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Originally Posted by jinp6301 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
total noob

Yeah... but... I'd quite like some portapros, and I fancy trying some more portable amplification.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for free stuff!
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I could use an portable amp then I'd be good. I'd give away the porta pro's since I've got a working pair.
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I've got a good friend who can't afford an entry setup and I know he'd love this--all his money goes towards his education. He's been hooked ever since he got to listen to my MS-1's and E500's.

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