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GIVEAWAY — MAYA by Vibro Labs

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  1. Giupy
    Red! Because I like the red ones :D
  2. peter123
    My favorite is green and my guess is that's your favorite as well.
  3. phthora
  4. squirrelman
  5. Jackpot77
    Purple for my choice. I think you are a yellow man, personally.

    I'm guessing if you are announcing the winner on the 6th, you will be picking them on the 5th? Come on, lucky birthday! :wink:
  6. salaca
    Has to be green....yours and mine as well.
  7. noplsestar
    deep blue
  8. Bina
    Red is classic :)
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  9. deividi
    Red ofc
  10. jdog
    I'd say red...
  11. markrw
  12. mashuto
    Thanks for doing this!

    I think I would go with the orange skittle, though truthfully, I like to take a bunch into my mouth and suck on them until they morph into a giant rainbow skittle bomb. Too much information?

    Also I'm thinking you are a red man.
  13. jinxy245
    I'm a sucker for the red ones.
    Yo guess for you, I think you're a tropical guy (to spite living in Maine) I'm guessing the fuchsia for you.
  14. loopfreak
    Chocolate caramel brown
  15. shultzee
    Yellow !
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