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GIVEAWAY — MAYA by Vibro Labs

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  1. mondrax
    Orange, it reminds me a Porsche GT3
  2. -iKa-
    Lime, not the new Green Apple stuff, that's not that good. But the old lime flavour was fantastic.
  3. soulven
    Green.. feels like Green to me
  4. leaky74
  5. imserious
  6. StarfishMan
    Brown skittles matter!
    Karendar likes this.
  7. Karendar
    Now what is this skittle's flavor I wonder. :wink:
  8. Luke Pighetti
    Contest is now closed! I'll be announcing the winner on Facebook livestream around 11AM EST.
  9. Luke Pighetti
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  10. Saoshyant
    I still say I suspect you like sour skittles
  11. ksorota
    Lemon yellow
  12. Luke Pighetti
    Congrats @shadyrocker ! I've sent you a PM with instructions on how to claim your MAYA with BaX cable upgrade.
    Thank you all for participating in the giveaway!
    I am hanging out on Facebook live streams a LOT these days. Like the page and keep an eye out for future announcements and giveaways facebook.com/VibroLabs
  13. Luke Pighetti
    Here's a link to the drawing livestream: https://www.facebook.com/VibroLabs/videos/vb.208739782589214/1055251047938079/
  14. flamedrace
  15. Karendar
    @shadyrocker - Congrats... If you ever want to loan the pair to me, please feel free. :) I'll take good care of them! haha
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