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Jul 4, 2010
Hi there, 
So my girlfriend is always going on about my headphone obsession. I want to get her a pair of IEM's to show her how much better her music could sound when not played through ipod headphones. However, I know almost nothing about IEM's, all my phones are over-ear. Therefore I wonder if anyone with a bit of knowledge and a few minutes on their hands could recommend something for me. My criteria are as follows:
- budget is £100
- will be driven straight from ipod and laptop
- nothing too garish or massive/ugly looking (or she wont wear them)
- anything that is able to decently cover up poor bitrate mp3's would be preferable (as she has quite a collection)
- neutrality doesn't matter at all.. just overall listening experience
- must be comfortable
she mostly listens to current pop music and film soundtracks (hans zimmer esque stuff)
Thanks for any help.
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IEM fitment is a personal choice...

Buy her instead a nice set of headphones from V-MODA.

Cheers, Jim
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2 that are around your price range are the Creative Aurvana IE3 and the Yamaha EPH-100, both are good with lower bitrate mp3's and hopefully there not something she'd think is ugly.
Also if she doesn't need a lot of bass the Etymotic HF5 is another one that would work imo.  
Lastly the Fischer Audio Consonance is around $70 and it has a V-shaped signature that's popular with the average consumer but they are still quite detailed with good bass impact and depth which is good for today's pop music that has a lot of electronic music influences.
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Get her the Dunu DN-19 she'll love you forever, although the cable is a bit flashy
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Cheers for the replies,
the Yamaha and creatives look like good bets. I just watched an unboxing video on the DN19's and I think I might want those now :wink:
Do you guys have any opinions on the klipsch image x10i's?
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I gave my wife my Klipsch S4i to use with her iPhone. She normally HATES my headphone selections but she loves the S4i. Her favorite features are the mic and in line control. She said she likes the bass and that they are not "scratchy" sounding. Also the price isn't bad.
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If your willing to spend what the X10 cost you might want to checkout the Rockit Sounds R-50 as the sound much better than the X10 and the Creative IE3 and also cost about $30 less than the X10 at $120 on Amazon.  They use the very popular TWFK dual balanced armature driver and they're very detailed with just enough bass impact that your girl might really like.
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I had the X10 for a while, they really are a nice sounding IEM. Bass is punchy, they have good soundstage height and the timbre is rather natural. My only concern is the highs weren't a focus of the signature. Also they have build issues, the cable can strip the earpieces rubber strain relief after some time if not handled correctly. For the price that is a downfall. Sound wise they were great and I somtimes regret selling them so fast. (reason for sale was owning to much at the time)

Size is perfect for a lady (very small) with great comfort and isolation
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I got the FX40's for my girlfriend (cheapass I know, but she is pretty destructive with wires lol). She hasn't hurt them at all, and I burnt them in prior to giving them to her. She fell in love with them, so for $20 she got a taste of what I'm always babbling on about :p

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