getting the most out of the etymotic er6
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Aug 12, 2001
the other day i was listening to beethoven's 1st & 2nd symphonies on a sony d777 pcdp-->er6. the recording was the academy of ancient music, which uses instruments of beethoven's time. as with most aam recordings, it is a bright detailed recording, which on the er6 sounded a bit harsh and flat. so before i went out i added an amp to the mix: d777-->cha47-->er6. this made all the difference. violins went from shrill to light & warm. woodwinds and horns bloomed with detail and warmth.

i know i'm preaching to the choir here about adding an amp. it is just i've never really noticed an improvement with the er6/amp combo before. it took this classical recording to show me the light.

i just compared beta band's "hot shots 2" with and without the cha47 and i can really hear the difference now--honestly it seemed much more subtle before. after listening to the beethoven it is almost a night vs. day difference.

anyone who thinks the er6 sounds the same with and without an amp should really take another listen.

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