Getting rid of the noise in the Kenwood HD20GA7
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 29, 2004
If you remember some of the HD20GA7 debates, my opinion was that the player is excellent, but is hurt substantially by the unacceptable amounts of hiss when paired with more sensitive IEMs.

I'm currently working on the various ways in which to rid myself of the HD20GA7's hiss. So far, what has worked very well is a volume attenuator. But, I need to find the right one. The UE attenuator attenuates a bit too much, and volume is pretty close to max with some of my quieter music. It also degrades sound quality slightly. I think that the variable Shure attenuator with the volume control would be better here. I'll order it and see. I'll definitely post an update when I get it.

But, with the UE attenuator, there's no noise! At all. Even with the slight sonic degradation, the SQ is wonderful. I definitely prefer it to the HP out on my PCDP's, which is REALLY saying something. I'm using the Westone ES2 as a reference headphone.

Once I figure out how to make this player fully IEM-friendly, I'll post a full review. I don't want to bash this player for a serious flaw if there is a cheap and easy way around it, and I think that I found it.


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