Getting a new IEM
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Jan 5, 2012
Hi All,
I am currently again looking to buy a brand new IEM.  Its almost weekend and I've decide i should audition some earphones after work tomorrow.  I usually listen to music on the go, and even at home i will use my AK100ii as i like to walk around.
Some of the IEM i have used before are pistons II, MOE SS1, and shure 215 (and probably other random ones).  I am currently using my InEar SD2 for everyday use.  I also use HD600 and NAD HP50 more at home, but find myself sweating too much, so i cut down on its used...
I prefer buying Universals as i dont want to go through the hassle to get a CIEM (never actually tried one).
To be honest, i am not sure what type of sound signature i like, but maybe i can give a few examples of what i like and hate?  Before buying my SD2 I've tried a few IEM in similar price range where i had a hard time choosing between the W40, SE535 and SD2...of coarse ended up with the SD2.  Other IEM that i audition and didnt like are ASG2.5, Sony A3 and Z5, SM64, FX850 and UM30.
Although i do love my SD2, i just have an urge to buy something better (not a good from talking to my coworker who just got an Angie and trying the 846 from some random stores on the same day).
I know i am not being quite specific here, but i am no good with my terms, perhaps someone can help me with recommending some earphones for me to try?
I am probably fine with something along the price range of universal Angie (gonna try that too).

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