Gentex SPH-4B Helmet project
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May 27, 2013
Hi all. Just discovered the forum and hoped for some help and advice. I have a gentex helmet for work, and at some point in its life it has been modified to allow an MP3 player connection. This doesn't work to well and on closer inspection you can probably see why - cheap components. So I was thinking of modifying this to get a much higher quality driver and cables. Pics below.

Firstly cable wise I considered -
Viablue T6s 3.5mm mini plug
Pure Stranded UP - OCC Cyro Treated 7N Copper Wire

Would the cable be overkill? I'm a complete novice at this.

The driver is the next thing. As you can see there are two speakers in each headset, one or the voice over the radio and the other the mp3 connection. There is no support and both are just placed in the cups and surrounded by foam. Any suggestions On a decent solution? Is this article applicable to my application?

Hope you can help.


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Apr 28, 2013
My first question would be as to what the helmet is used for?  What to you do?  If you work on a Helicopter or on a flight deck the ambient noise is probably high.  If so I would think that this would make pursuing higher end drivers and worrying about cables irelevent as you would not be able to hear the subtle differences.
Second would be how important is the voice communication to your job.  If you cannot hear the voice communication because the music is playing it could be a very bad thing.

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