General recommendation for IE80 and Clip+ combo etc.
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Sep 6, 2012
Hi there,

This is my first post so I'm just going to introduce myself shortly with the gear I am familiar with and what I do with it.

I'm Austrian-Polish but live in Los Angeles now.
I want best possible sound with best quality bass for listening to mainly Trip Hop and Big Beat. Maybe I'm not audiophile per se because I just don't have that much money but I appreciate good music quality.

I recently received original Sennheiser IE80 and own a hifiman 601 and a Cowon i7.
I just purchased a Clip+.

Would you guys recommend that I get a FiiO 6 for the Clip IE80 combo or is that going to be unnecessary?

I bought the hifiman some months ago (was planning to get the IE80 later at that point) thinking it would be a really great quality player and even up until yesterday I was convinced I had something superb in my hands. I don't know about that now after reading so much negative information about it mainly on here but it doesn't matter. I'm not trying to favor anything here or be a snob. I already have the thing, if I was ripped off or not by having paid 150 bucks for it (used) I don't know but for me personally the sound is great, it's just the EQ is kind of weird if it's not set to completely neutral (everything 0). Forgive me my simple language on the topic. I'm learning constantly.
I've been using the Hifi with Sennheiser CX300II up until I got the IE80 and of course love the upgrade but I'm thinking there must be something better for maybe not that much price difference.

My Cowon i7 sounds very "dull" compared to the Hifi. That's just how I hear it personally. I love the clarity of the Hifi but the bass isn't that great. The Cowon has a beatiful bass output but I don't appreciate it as I used to do before I bought the 601 because it simply sounds ... not as clear, more distorted maybe. My vocabulary ends here not being a sound technician, just enthusiast but again, I'm learning.

WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR ME after reading my short story here (thanks for that)?

My budget is let's say 200 Dollars. I could also sell my 601 for realistically 100 bucks extra for the budget.
My i7 isn't worth anything, I'm surprised it runs perfectly still after so many years use and the battery still holds a very good charge (I treat it well, being a flashoholic I know about batteries at least, haha).

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