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General Earbud/Earphone Buying Tips?

  1. newyorkcity
    I'm going to be picking up some earbuds or earphones at the apple store today since the right earbud on my nu-force 7ms went out after a month.  I have some store credit so I'm just going to pick something up at the Apple store since I have to go anyways.  I don't think they have the best selection and if they do the products are overpriced, but is there anything good for about $40 at the apple store? If not, what are some general things I should know when buying earbuds if I want earbuds that dont sound muddy, has a good lows/mids/highs?
  2. D7H7N
    Black Buds BEB 328r - $25
    Yuin PK3 - $35-$40
    Sennheiser MX580 - $25
    Blox M2C - $40
    do some research, then pick one.
  3. newyorkcity
    are all these at the apple store?
  4. D7H7N

    No, the only earbuds you'll find at an apple store are the apple brand products.
  5. tinyman392


    Have you ever walked into an Apple Store? 
    Brands: V-Moda, Soul by Ludacris, Sennheiser (some), Etymotics (HF3 and MC3), Bowers and Wilkins, Klipsch, and more to list...  Um...  They don't look Apple to me. 
    The only downside with any retailer is you have to buy MSRP.  You may be better off buying something from the internetz and saving the credit for something else.

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