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Gearbest Giveaway for 2 Insta360 Gears (Winners List has been announced)

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  1. buttkw
    Loving the Insta360 ONE. Portability yet trendy at the same time.
  2. young59
    Would love the Insta360 ONE.
  3. groucho69
    WOW! Insta360 ONE looks like a fantastic and useful piece of kit.
  4. Ynot1
    I'm in Insta360 One. VR camera, interesting.
    I think device like this would be great to capture things you would otherwise miss for when you're driving, biking, hiking, etc...
    And with the holidays approaching, this would be very helpful to capture those social environment to keep for a long time.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  5. shab
    The Insta360 ONE would be a dream. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  6. tudork
    Insta360 Air would be the perfect Christmas Gift for me!
  7. whitedragon551
    Im in for the Insta360 Air.
  8. George-gearbest
    Hi, Headfi members, welcome you to the GAW, the two lucky birds are our #11 and #28


  9. George-gearbest
    actually, our members rrt2 and EISENbricher win the 2 free samples, we do not ask for extra shipping cost or review videos or posts here.

    Enjoy your time then .

    1. rrt2


    Insta360 Air will be sent to you asap.


    2. EISENbricher


    he gained the gift: Insta360 ONE


    Congratulations to winners and thank you for your support and feedback.

    Check your inbox in headfi (PM), I will ask you for shipping info confirmation.

    All the Best,

  10. waveriderhawaii
    EISENbricher likes this.
  11. Ynot1
    Enjoy your new futuristic technology. And thanks for letting us join in this event. I actually learned about this product through this event.
    EISENbricher likes this.
  12. Titobustillo
    Insta360 ONE is my favourite. Thanks
  13. rrt2
    Thanks You Everyone! kinda surprising!
  14. rrt2
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