Galaxy S2 Plus with Wolfson DAC
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Jul 7, 2011
It seems new Galaxy S2 Plus has Wolfson DAC. From Wiki I came to know that it uses Exynos 4212 similar to new Meizu MX 2
and New MX 2 has Wolfson DAC
Exynos 4 Dual 32 nm[8]
(previously Exynos 4212[14])
32 nm HKMG ARMv7 1.2-1.4 GHz Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 ARM Mali-400 MP4 (Quad-Core) LPDDR, LPDDR2, DDR2 or DDR3 (6.4 GB/sec)[15] 2011 Meizu MX 2-Core (new 2-core model), Samsung Galaxy S II Plus

Can anyone confirm this please?
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Oct 29, 2012
I can't find anything on it I'm afraid.
The MX (2 core) seems to be the original MX. The 4 core version may be the MX 2 released in 2012, with the Note II?
(2012  - Samsung Galaxy Note II (plus improved graphics), Meizu MX2)
The S2 plus seems to be the exact same phone as the S2, but with less memory, and just with the Jelly Bean operating syste pre-installed.
It also will not be rolled out to the UK market where I live.
The on die chip is just manufactured at a lower nanometre scale, but is essentially the same chip as on the S2. It will just run slightly cooler, and they'll be able to get a lot more chips out of the same wafer (cheaper)
Considering the S3 in the US doesn't have a Wolfson, and the S2 plus seems to be a manouver to get more sales, and cheaply, I doubt for a second the audio chip will be a Wolfson.
Plus, Samsung can choose what audio source to put in, as I don't believe the audio chip is within the processor/graphics die.
But I will try and find out.

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