Gain Q: WA6 with AKG K 701
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Jan 28, 2008
As a relative noobie to this forum, I just received (this a.m.) my max'd Woo WA6, and installed the stock 6DE7's (Sylvania branded 1/70 date codes) and a NOS Siemens GZ34.

Using my 701's, I have the gain cranked all the way up, but it is not "loud" (IMO); doesn't seem to make much difference which gain setting is used on the WA6.

Which gain setting are most of you with this combo (WA6 and 701) using for best results?
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What is your source? You should have good volume with a source of a 2 volts out but if it is like one of mine with a 1.5 volts out then you are not going to have the input volts you need to drive to some volumes you might want. This is not a problem with the amp but the source, in my case anyway.
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Source is a Shanling CDP3000A w/modified opamps. Per their spec sheet, output is 2V.
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what do you mean by "gain cranked all the way up"? on my maxed
wa6 i can't get past 12 o'clock without hurting my you
mean the volume is set at the 4 'clock position and it's still not

i'm using a cia vda-2 with vac-1 powersupply with output rated at
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I would imagine he means the volume control. I am thinking of using some Mundorf silver/gold coupling caps. Might be interesting.
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yes, the mundorf silver/gold is something i haven't heard but looks
very tempting to try out in the future...there's something about
the oil caps that exudes beautiful/refined mids and highs...
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Another thing to try, which I am getting ready to do. Double the ps dropping resistor resistance and use two of them, dividing the supply to the power section of the output tube and then use a cap for each tube. You end up with a pseudo dual power supply and there should be an increased bass, separation and in general, the whole picture should open up more.
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is there enough room in there to double the power supply path?
those radial caps can get big...especially the 470/16v n-series...

looking forward to your findings on the experimentations...and pics
please...good luck!
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Originally Posted by takezo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
is there enough room in there to double the power supply path?
those radial caps can get big...especially the 470/16v n-series...

looking forward to your findings on the experimentations...and pics
please...good luck!

The 470uf are the cathode bias caps. The 330uf and 150uf Black Gates are the power supply caps and from looking everything over there would be room for just one more with the coupling cap set on end. Sweet, I think.
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Just to bring this one back to the OP; I have the same problem with mine. WA6 and 701's sound great, but just not much volume. I actually have the WA3 sitting right next to the WA6 and I seem to get more volume (though with MUCH less control of the bass) through the WA3 than the WA6. I'm using a 5.5G iPod as my source (less than 1 V of output voltage) so maybe that's my issue. I don't have anything else to try it out with but it sounds like your having the same problem with a 2V CDP.

I don't know if the Woo amps just weren't meant to drive 701's or if maybe my cans have something wrong with them. FWIW, I also have an X-can v3 and seem to get plenty of volume/power out of that, but its a hybrid design so it should have more juice.
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1 volt is waaay to little input voltage. It is not the fault of the amp if you don't get enough volume.
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From reading MANY of your posts, you seem to be pretty squared away in the realm of electronics (engineer by training?).

I know very little about this stuff, but is there any way to increase output voltage on something like an iPod?
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None directly out that I know of that would be economically feasible. In other words, I don't think so. Do you have the internal volume of the iPod turned all the way up?
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Just a side questions here,
to anyone here who own desktop amp, esp tubes amp.
How loud do you listen music?

Because I happen to purchase an amp whose anyone here recommend for it's sound quality & value, but when I tested it by myself, the amp isn't suitable for high volume listening... and get distorted easily if it's too loud...

After I questions the people who recommend me this amp, they just happen to be low volume listener...

That's why I return the amp back... so I've been wondering does this WA6 will able to produce high level volume without losing it's sonic qualities? (no issues at all)

Otherwise I will start to choose different amp...
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Did the Heed amp have enough volume for you?

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