furnished for funny.
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It looks like he's making multiple accounts and posting up photos of his Lehman Audio Amp Clone..

Or are you a different person? I don't know..
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Originally Posted by benz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i've furnished a few AMPS
intially i havn't got a well-sounding headphone,and now I've got K 701 HD650 ATH A1000
i find these AMPs doesn't sound quite well
especially the last one ....
it sound just meanlly reach de "Original"

Translated into English means what?
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now i understand cloned others production here is a ignominious behaviour.
the situation here is quite diferent.
we away using the clones,the counterfeits.just as all de computer software,some AMPs.....
and this will not be changed in a short time.
yestoday i registered this forum and before i have never red a foriegn forum.
I apologize for my ignominious behaviour & the poor english.
i want to talk detailly but i just don't know how to put it in english
fortunately,i can read with some tranlate software
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Apology accepted!

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