Full size headphone with iBasso DX150
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Feb 26, 2012
I really like my DX150, but I find that iem's tend to hurt my ears after a while. (I have tried many different ear tips to no avail.) So, for reasons of comfort,I would like to use the DX150 with an over the ear headphone. Currently I have the Amp 6 module the DX150 came with. Would the Senn HD660 be a candidate with its 150ohm impedance? Any suggestions for a similar sound signature in a different headphone, perhaps easier to drive? I'm open to suggestions. My goal would be to NOT need a separate headphone amp so the setup would be easy to move from one room to another when needed. Both comfort and sound quality (generally balanced but not shorting the bass and treble) are of prime importance. Thanks in advance.
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