Freespan Xdream wireless headphones with Panasonic Viera 2012 model plasma TV
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Jul 1, 2007
I used Xdream infrared wireless headphones for the past six years with a Sony Wega CRT HDTV. My old Sony had RCA audio out jacks which worked great with my Xdream headphones; I was pleased with the sound quality of the Xdream headphones, which roughly equaled the quality of my Grado 80s.
 Last week, I purchased a Viera Panasonic TCP55UT50 plasma TV to replace the Sony.   The  plasma TV, however, has only a Toslink digital optical audio out port (which supports PCM for RCA type audio).  So, I purchased a optical to RCA DAC from Radio Shack and a Toslink cable.  Once I installed the DAC, I got poor connectivity between the headphones and the plasma TV with a lot of interference.  Since plasma TVs emit some infrared radiation, my hypothesis is that the connectivity issue is related to the infrared from my plasma TV.  Is this correct?
My question to you is: has anyone successfully used the Xdream headphones with a Panasonic Viera 2012 plasma TV?  And, if so, how is this accomplished?  Thank you.

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