[Found!] type C to mini usb cabe 8cm
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Mar 29, 2013
Like many of you I have been on the hunt for a type C to mini USB cable for a year or more. I purchase d the nexus 6p as soon as it came out and have been on the hunt ever sense. I gave up after a few months of searching, I assumed it was a case of Nexus syndrome or early adopter syndrome, so I waited.  I gave up month ago and purchased a Fiio k1. The K1 was ok, but it didnt satisfy my thirst. I needed something that could drive my 98Ohm EarSoic sm 64 v2 IEMs. So I took to the search once again and struck GOLD!  JDS labs has a product that should work! I ordered it today so I can not say with absolute certainty that it will, but I have hope. 
the cables are 4.99 usd and 8cm in length I purchase 3 with shipping the cost is 18.36 usd or there about.

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