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Fostex TH-900 Headphone Measurement Specs Posted at HeadRoom

Discussion in 'HeadRoom Premier Sponsor Forum' started by jorgec, Jul 10, 2012.
  1. JorgeC Contributor
  2. bareyb
    Just purchased some Th-900s from your Web Store! You had them in stock and you have a 30 day return policy. I knew you were a supporter of the community here so that pushed me over the edge. Thanks for the reasonable 3-day shipping. I can't wait to hear them. Now get over there and ship them!!! NOW!!!!   [​IMG]
  3. Jamey Warren Contributor
    Thanks for the purchase bareyb. I appreciate you telling us why you decided to buy.
  4. bareyb
    Hi Jamey. Unfortunately, I've developed Tinitus and the Doc says no more headphones for me... :frowning2:
    It broke my heart but I had to return the Th-900s. Best headphones I ever heard... Very sad. To make matters worse you guys MOVED and didn't change the Return Information on your website to reflect the move to your new store so UPS can't find you. 
    I sent you both an email and phone call with UPS's phone number and the Tracking Number for my return. You may consider changing the return address on your "no questions asked guarantee" information that you provide on the Invoice. 
    UPDATE: Jamey emailed me and they are working on updating the return info on their website. 
  5. Jamey Warren Contributor
    Hi bareyb,
    I am very sorry to hear about your Tinitus. Also, I wanted to thank you for helping me fix the link to our old return card. Listen to your doctor and stay healthy. Things can get better.
  6. bareyb
    Glad I could help. I just wish I could have kept them... Those were my end game headphones. It killed me to send them back. 

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