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Forza Cables

  1. jonno41
    Anyone had any experience of Forza Audioworks Noir Hybrid cable with Audeze LCD-4 headphones.Any information appreciated,particularly comparisons to other after market cables.Thanks.
  2. xenithon
    I cannot comment on that exact combo, but can state that the Audeze LCD-3 with the FAW Claire Hybrid is a beautiful pairing. In addition to the reduced microphonics, suppleness and aesthetics, I find the FAW just that little bit clearer and has more air than stock. Have not compared to other named aftermarket cables but have done so with DIY aftermarket cables made from Mogami wire; and prefer the FAW as it better retains the trademark planar bass heft. The DIY cable was a little softer in that regard
  3. jonno41
    Thanks for your response Xenithon.Not too may serious headphone users here in New Zealand so any thoughts are appreciated.Looking at either a Forza cable or a Toxic cable although there is at least a 14 week waiting list for Toxic cables.
  4. xenithon
    I had a Toxic cable before....I personally prefer the look and feel of the FAW, and most of their good products are silver-focused (I prefer either Cu or a hybrid). The wait time was also a strong decision factor. I have a FAW for both the HD800 and Audeze / ZMF.
  5. jonno41
    Thanks again,I have a friend here in NZ who can loan me a Forza cable,although not the hybrid,but will give me some idea of what to expect.He also has a Ted Allen cable that he uses with Audeze which he says is good.Struck lucky with you also having tried Toxic and Forza so definitely leaning towards the Forza Hybrid
  6. treebug
    Which FAW cable do you have for your HD800?
  7. xenithon
    I use the Claire MkII. Previously had the Noir; could not detect a significant difference between them and prefer the “naked” look of the Claire.

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