For you Enterprise IT geeks, learn about how Audeze uses SAP in AWS
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Jan 15, 2014
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If you don't know what those acronyms in the subject mean, you probably will not be interested in this. I'm and IT guy and a friend just sent this to me. Yes, it's a webinar/ad for SAP, but still, a few of you may find it interesting.

How Audeze Headphones Doubled Revenue in 1 Year using SAP Business One on AWS

Accelerate Profit and Predict Customer Demand with Centralized Data 

Audeze has scientifically revolutionized the world of headphones and this California-based company is trying to keep up with world-wide demand. SAP Business One on AWS has been an integral part of streamlining processes, proactively harnessing customer data and fostering global delivery. 

"Audeze is a small company in Costa Mesa that sells all over the world. This means the Audeze employees are always on the go. To access Sales, Financials or MFG data from literally anywhere is really important for us. SAP B1 on AWS helps the Audeze team be truly mobile, productive and in-sync. Hosting on AWS helps us minimize the infrastructure cost."
- Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze

Join Vision33 (, an AWS certified partner and leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions provider, to find out how running your business systems in the cloud can help your company grow fast, run simple, and drive profit.
Wednesday, August 19th at 10AM Pacific.

In this webinar, Mike White, Certified Implementation Architect, will do a live demo on his work with Audeze and how they use AWS-certified ERP Solution, SAP Business One, to take advantage of:
  1. 1-click real-time reports with customizable drag n drop dashboards
  2. Simplified workflow & approval processes
  3. Alerts for accurate inventory visibility & replenishment
  4. Full view of all departmental data in one system for quick decision-making
  5. Remote access to data – anytime, anywhere
  1. And provides a quick return on investment.
Register now to learn more about the full flexibility and profit-driving power of SAP Business One on AWS. We will prove you can rely on this easy, affordable solution to do its job so you can concentrate on running your business.


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