For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?
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United State Of Mind (2021) by Robin Trower, Maxi Priest and Livingstone Brown - Artists from quite different genres but the resulting mix is quite magical. Maxi Priest's vocals are really strong and a perfect foil for Trower's wailing guitar while Livingston Brown keeps the bass going relentlessly. Trower's guitar sounds quite wonderful through the SR325x's and the tone from the Schiits is nice and full with a hint of warmth. Trower's adept at noodling quietly in the background, adding to the atmosphere of each song but my god, when he steps up to the plate for a solo it's a religious experience. :darthsmile:
Works so well ... So much better than I thought these would blend. And trower's solo on walking wounded (highlight for me overall in the first listen) is brilliant!
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Out & about so Samsung 'The beans'
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Finally found good match to Mytek THX AAA HPA: T+A Solitaire P-SE. The sound stage is a narrower than from TT2 directly but somehow this is not an issue for me. The feeling of space and air is still there and you do not feel something is truly missing, especially on this recording.

Still no match for Envy or HEADA but a very nice pairing. Not sterile but that is probably more due to TT2 musicality and Solitaire feeling better with a bit more juice than due to Mytek itself. On normal gain you almost can't hear the chanel imbalance at first 10-15% of volume pot movement. Volume pot is now closer to 11 o'clock than 10 and honestly you do not need more for most jazz recordings.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 14.40.47.png

The album as I understand has been recorder originally in DSD.

Qobuz > WLS > Lumin U1 Mini > M-Scaler > TT2 > Mytek THX AAA HPA > T+A Solitaire P-SE
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Wow! Goosebumps indeed!

Lovely album as a whole..
I had been digging into the lower frequencies with Joker, The Dark Knight Rises, and a further splash of Hans Zimmer soundtrack goodness...
This link was an excellent finisher. Good addition to the previous post.
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Always glad to see more soundtrack enjoyers. 95% of my library is made up of soundtracks, and the reason is that I have awful taste in music. I've stuck with that niche category. Also, did someone mention "lower frequencies"?

Phone > Sony WH-1000XM3. These puppies don't sound good, in part because of me. the transition from speakers to headphones and the amount of brain burn-in required; at least the battery life and ANC are appreciated.

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A very interesting grunge band. Again Pro iCan in Tube/Tube+ mode with Audeze cans would be probably better, but when I am tired in the evening only LCD-1 are light enough for me not to think about comfort, MM-500 are simply too heavy and Pro iCan still waits to be shipped for a service. Honestly speaking I have no idea how much Solitaire P-SE weights but the comfort is hard to beat and Audeze does not even come close (with LCD-1 as exception again).

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 19.39.29.png

In fact this album clearly shows that T+A cans are brilliant allrounder and the clear winner in my book. If only they would come with some reasonable case for transportation like Focal does it would tick almost all my checkboxes. On the other hand for traveling one still needs closed cans.

WLS > Lumin U1 Mini > M-Scaler > TT2 > Mytek THX AAA HPA > T+A Solitaire P-SE
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2024 Grammy for Bluegrass Album Of The Year

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MP145 / schiit stack / local FLAC

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