For students: your studying music!
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Sep 19, 2003
what music do you guys listen to while studying (if you do listen to music)?

for me:
- Any Sigur Ros
- most of the stuff by Dntel
- Broken Social Scene - Feel good lost
- Pink Floyd occasionally.

i usually listen to stuff which has no lyrics or where the lyrics are unclear (or not understandable as in Sigur Ros

how bout your guys' music?
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Personally, I can't listen to any music if I have to do any kind of reading. It doesn't matter what kind of music, I'll always get distracted for a moment and then I miss something and have to read it again. Its just counter-productive for me. With other things though, like say math or learning vocab, I actually quite enjoy it. I'll usually listen to something without lyrics as well like jazz or various ambient types of music.
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yea, if the reading is more difficult to understand, i don't listen to music, but when its not that bad, i usually go for something insturmental or something which i wouldnt be able to explicitly understand and take away from my concentration.
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Lately I've been listening to Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway a lot while studying at the library. I've always felt there was something about that album that helped me focus my thoughts, and as with most of Genesis' earlier works, it reminds me of a fairy tale :p
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If I'm at home trying to read or study it's the Beethoven DVD-A symphonies. At school it ranges from classical/fusion/jazz/post rock/ambient/electronic on the Ipod. As long as it doesn't have lyrics it'll work.
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While at work I particularly like Goldberg variations of J.S.Bach by Gould, seems to put my mind in a productive state. When actually studying I don't put music.
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Usually it's smooth jazz or classical.

I particularly love Bach for the background of studying. With doing actual work, though, I like to use Drum N' Bass -- I can answer/type things in rythm, and it actually helps me concentrate
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With my current courseload, I dont have to study at all. So its usually some Indie (Devendra Banhart, Iron & Wine, etc) or some Brit-rock.
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I like orchestral movie soundtracks for studying, though I sometimes just play high-energy whatever to stay awake. Having music helps me tune-out background noise and concentrate.
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Mellow jazz or classical music by Chopin, Satie, Mozart or Bach.

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