For gaming use: X-Fi Go (non-Pro), Xonar U3, or X-Fi HD?
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Nov 2, 2013
I've got an O2+ODAC on the way, but I'm looking at my options for gaming audio on a laptop.
As far as I can tell these three are basically my only options (I have no use for the 5.1 out on the X-Fi 5.1 Pro).
I keep reading on these forums that the U3 has "very little gaming support," etc.
From the research I've done, the X-Fi Go supports CMSS 3D, and the X-Fi HD supports THX, but I saw Roller saying it was better than the X-Fi Go (I didn't want to necro a year-old thread to ask there).
Just wondering if anyone has experience with these.
The setup I'll be using for gaming is:
One of these three > O2 > K702 Annie.
Thanks in advance.

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