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For gaming, is TinHiFi T2 Pro better or T3?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by shrewdgamer, Aug 10, 2019.
  1. shrewdgamer
    For gaming, is TinHiFi T2 Pro better or T3?

    I've been looking at reviews of both these earphones on this site and some are saying T3 has better, wider sound stage and some others are T2 Pro has better sound stage, with the sounds seeming to be outside the earphones.

    Which of these two is better suited for gaming, I want more immersion, like one would get with a 7.1 home theater system.

    I'll be connecting them to a 2.1 speaker system which in turn is connected to Soundblaster sound card.
  2. shrewdgamer
    I forgot to mention that I have Xiaomi's Pro HD and Bose SoundTrue Ultra. Neither of these are giving me the immersive and detailed sound stage I'm craving for. Will TinHiFi's T2 Pro or T3 be any better than these?
  3. pstickne
    They are both IEMs and things like “wider soundstage” tossed around in reviews are mostly filler words. Neither will give immersion or imaging similar to surround speakers - not even close. An IEM is still an IEM.

    Consider proper circumaural headphones, closed-back if needing sound isolation. Still not near a proper surround speaker system, yet a huge step up from IEMs in terms of “soundstage” and spatial imagining.

    The ‘reason’ to go for an IEM is due to a smaller size and being more discreet when worn. Can they be used for gaming? Sure- depends on you, the games played, and preferences! However, they share the same limits due to how far in the ear they sit.

    There are MANY headphones designed with an emphasis on gaming. Example: https://www.techradar.com/news/computing-components/best-pc-gaming-headset-1322675

    (Also, IEMs connect only as “stereo”, unless having a satellite woofer.)
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
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  4. shrewdgamer
    Thanks for you reply.

    Just curious, why do some IEMs cost $1000? Don't they have immersive sound?

    For reasons I don't want to mention, I'll be sticking with in-earphones for a year or so.
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  5. pstickne
    I actual avoid all reviews of “soundstage” for IEMs unless the author can describe it in fixed relative units. Crinacle wrote a post on such a relative measuring system. I’d be happy if people would at least say “at the ear” or “an inch outside the ear”, for example.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
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  6. pstickne
    They cost $1000 - or much more! - because of marketing and a lot of rich “audiophiles”. IEMs are like jewelry or watches in many ways.. is a Rolex ‘better’ than a Seiko? What about a Breitling?

    I have the K10U ($1800 new) and Hyla TE-5B ($1200). While I LOVE the Hyla and listen to it 8+ hours a day, neither has “soundstage” comparable to even basic headphones. There are a few rare IEMs like the 800S that are rated highly here - and even these have a “soundstage” of, maybe, ‘twice the width of a head’.

    However, both my “near TOTL” IEMs are only incrementally better, if that, than some “Chi-Fi” (read: affordably priced) headphones that can be had for much much less.. it’s an expensive game with lots of marketing and up selling to the latest toys. Most of the last N% is simply in how the gear interacts with one’s psychology and a constant chase of ‘something new / better’.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  7. shrewdgamer
    Are there no in-earphones which have better sound stage than Xiaomi Pro HD and Bose SoundTrue Ultra?

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