Focal Super Deal for the month of September!!!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Sep 1, 2017.
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  1. Todd Contributor

    Fantastic Focal Headphone SALE! Get the Focal Elear for $699 or the Focal Utopia for $2999 Sale last the whole month of September!

    Both headphones are in stock and ready to ship to you! Order TODAY!

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  2. ubs28
    Is this only TTVJ or any official dealer? Thinking about picking up the Elear if my Apple Earbuds, Shure SE215 or AKG K240 qualify :p
  3. guitarrules
    Thanks Focal for screwing the resale value of my headphones in less than a year!
  4. endgame
    Moon Audio is doing it also, but without any mention of a trade in being necessary.
  5. Todd Contributor

    This sale is for all US dealers. Any 1 of the headphones you mention will qualify if they work and are clean. The Elear is in stock and can ship to you today if you order. Just send the trade in headphone to us within a few days to complete your end of the deal.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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  6. Todd Contributor
    The trade in is part of the Focal deal. The oNLY requirements are that they work and are clean...

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  7. purk Contributor
    Glad I didn't pay full price for mine. $3k is a good deal but this will cause the second hand Utopia to drop like rock. The high end headphones game is becoming very main stream electronic with yearly new releases.
  8. TokenGesture
    So Utopia was at least $1k overpriced...
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  9. Todd Contributor
    OK, got it cleared - there does NOT have to be a trade in. Just order on my website or call and we will sell you the Utopia or Elear for the discounted price.

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  10. Todd Contributor
    I have done loaner programs for both the Elear and Utopia headphones and have an active Elear loaner program. so why wouldn't you buy from a Head-Fi sponsor and someone who supports the community instead of Amazon? We offer free shipping, customer service, are here to answer questions and will take care of you as our cherished customer.

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  11. purk Contributor
    Todd has been doing headphones sale longer than that of Amazon electronic stores. Give him the business folks.
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  12. endgame
    No one is trying to steer business away from anyone. I was just pointing out a fact that Amazon's deal was the same but without any mention of needing to trade in a pair of headphones. That's simply a better deal AND this is a deals thread. The rest is none of my business. It's up to the individual consumer to decide where to do their business.
  13. purk Contributor
    You are correct about the whole trade-in things though.
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  14. senorx12562
    This deal (elear) doesn't show up on amazon at all, trade-in or not, at least for me. In the US.
  15. Todd Contributor
    I have posted that the trade-in is no longer a part of the deal. And as for posting Amazon deals in my thread... I pay to support Head-Fi with my sponsorship. Amazon does not. I pay so I can create my deals threads and then to have a competitor who knows nothing about headphones listed in my thread is not right. I am sure you did not do that intentionally and I have NO hard feelings. Just want to point that out. Those who pay to sponsor Head-Fi have this forum to post our deals.

    Once again NO TRADE IN Required. Same deal as everywhere else. I hope to serve you and get you into a great pair of headphones!
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