Flux FA-10 vs. Topping A90 vs. THX 887/888
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Apr 2, 2013
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Apr 2, 2013
I have an LCD-3, I primarily listen to music that involves a lot of 25-45 hz sub-bass. I like the notes to slam and even hang a bit (think of like thunder hitting nearby) and you turn your head, "oh crap", that feeling.

Past few days of research has brought me to looking at the FA-10, A90, and THX series amps.

I've heard the THX lacks in comparison to the FA-10 and A90 when it comes to low end slam and extension. I've read raving reviews about the A90, but also a review that claims the FA-10 simply outperforms the A90 on the low end due how much clean power it has.

If there are any headphone owners who primarily focus on sub-bass / quality low end extension and have had experience with these amps, I'd love to hear your input. My previous setup was a Gustard H10/ODAC and most of the time it required a +6db boost in the 20-40 range to really get what I wanted out of the LCD-3's. (Or are the LCD-3's simply not what I need? They are PRE-fazor and the frequency graph included by Audeze shows extremely little drop off on the low end, one of the better graphs I've seen on these headphones by far).

If any other amps come to mind, feel free to provide your experience (note that I am trying to stay within the 400-800$ price point, but do have a bit of wiggle room, just don't mention any $2000 amps lol).

Thank you all for your time.
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