FLC8 cable went bad, constantly cutting out in left channel. What are my options?
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Sep 3, 2010
I adore my pair of FLC8.  In the year that I have had them I've put over 900 hours on them.  These are not the newer FLC8s, they are the original FLC8.
Unfortunately now when I am listening to them, the left channel often cuts out and I have to unplug them and plug them back in, or move the plug and swivel it until the channel cuts back in.
I have researched different cable options and appears that all aftermarket options are a gamble because they don't fit exactly.
I also do not wish to spend $100 on an FLC8-S replacement cable.  I would like to invest in my nest purchase, but until then I need these.
I'd be happy to purchase an aftermarket cable if I could get confirmation that it does fit.  I'd prefer it has a mic/remote though.
As much as I love these IEM's, I have an addiction to buying earbuds and headphones and I see anything I have to put into these as a delay on my next purchase.  I almost considered these end-game until they started malfunctioning - now they seem flawed and I'm honestly looking for something better with more sub-bass.  
My desire is to keep them running as part of my collection.
So what are my options?
For what it is worth I'm running red, black, gold filters if anyone has decent suggestions for replacement IEMS.

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