Flawless albums
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There have been some great mentions and discussions here. Going from the original post, I'll pick some albums that I love to listen to from start to end without even thinking about skipping (unless there is an odd intro/outro track).
Abdominal and The Obliques: Sitting Music (well recorded, witty and shows another take on hip-hop)
The Beastie Boys: Paul's Boutique (starts off a little slow, but it really helps to build the pacing)
The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (later albums may be better made, but this feels like their most coherent album, and I enjoy it the most)
Bjork: Vespertine (Post was an early favourite until I heard Vespertine. Has stayed there ever since)
Daft Punk: Discovery (yeah obvious one, but for good reason. Interstella 5555 makes it even better)
DJ Shadow: The Private Press (everyone favours Endtroducing, but this is my personal pick)
Faithless: No Roots (Sunday 8pm only just misses out)
Garbage: Version 2.0 (the first time a realised that listening to a whole album can be more rewarding than a few random tracks)
Lovage: Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (the intermissions are just as enjoyable as the songs)
Morcheeba: Charango (Fragments Of Freedom as the honourable mention)
Orbital: Wonky (while The Brown Album is a more interesting and unique album, this is more solid from start to finish)
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon (already plenty of discussions on their best, but this gets my vote)
UNKLE: Psyence Fiction (another chance for DJ Shadow)
The XX: XX (one that doesn't feel like any reasoning is needed)
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Started listening to some 60's era stuff a few months ago and finally got around to checking out the revered Pet Sounds. Simply incredible
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May i request...
Can someone list flawless albums that fall into the genres of;
DUB, Reggae, Ska, Skapunk, Skacore.
Perhaps mixtures of electronic and dub/reggae.

Many thanks.

I got into Ska music back in 1982 with this album. It's great and I would put it in this category of Flawless Albums.
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Quote:Originally Posted by HAWKEYE7 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I got into Ska music back in 1982 with this album. It's great and I would put it in this category of Flawless Albums.

On my Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) list of albums, this is in the Top 5.
If by some happenstance I should become Emperor of the Universe, there will be a 24 hr street dance party, and this will be played. Loudly and often.
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Just some albums I've been able to come back to consistently and listen completely through without ever getting bored:
Four Tet - There Is Love in You  (Rounds would also be in here if it were not for "Spirit Fingers," which doesn't mesh well with the rest of the album IMO)
Jon Hopkins - Immunity
Mux Mool - Planet High School
James Holden - The Inheritors
LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Apparat - Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre)
Diplo - Florida
DJ Fresh - Escape from Planet Monday
Hybrid - Wide Angle
Ratatat - Classics
Rjd2 - Deadringer
Sasha - Airdrawndagger
The Streets - Original Pirate Material
Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What Is Effortless
They're newer but I'm fairly certain In Colour by Jamie XX, Elaenia by Floating Points, and (brand new) Garden of Delete by Oneohtrix Point Never will be added to this list in time.  Also this is only supposed to be for albums but Canblaster's Infinite EP is one of the most thoughtfully produced set of tracks I know.
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I only have a few albums to share, all from the same artist. This man has some serious skill.
David Maxim Micic - Bilo 3.0
David Maxim Micic - EGO
David Maxim Micic - ECO
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REM - Murmur
Beatles - Hard Days Night
Matthew Sweet - Altered Beast
Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde
The Jam - All Mod Cons
Belle and Sebastian - If you;re feeling sinister
Jason Falkner - Author Unknown
all perfect in their own way

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