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FLAC vs. 320 Mp3

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by icedup, Sep 7, 2011.
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  1. Magick Man

    When you have 10TBs of HD space on your media server, it doesn't matter.
  2. bigshot
    I have four drobos with over 25 TB on my media server. It's nearly all full.
  3. Clarkmc2
    A classic case of what I was talking about earlier in this thread.
    Better to leave well enough alone and copy the suggested designs. Unless you are even more talented than the component engineers. Steinmetz and Nelson Pass types are not born every minute. And so far, just one Tesla, darn it.
  4. Magick Man

    I don't. That's probably because I don't hoard HD video files.
  5. bigshot
    Neither do I.
  6. Dyaems
    so whats the real answer to the topic? i read 8 pages and it has mixed answers =(
  7. bigshot
    Take your favorite CD. Rip it to various levels of bitrates. Do a direct A/B line level matched comparison and see where the line is where you can't tell the difference is any more.

    I spent two days doing this. I found that 320 LAME MP3 and AAC 256 was indiscernable from the original CD. An awful lot of people have found the same.
  8. Magick Man

    With 10TB I can hold ~250,000 40MB FLACs. Just how many MP3s are you claiming to have in that 25TB array?
  9. KimLaroux
    There's probably a million pages on the internet on this topic.
  10. bigshot

    Last time I counted, my music libraries totalled about a year and a half. There are movies on there too. I'm in the process of ripping all of my CDs and DVDs to files.
  11. Magick Man

    At 320kbps, allowing 10MB /file, that's only 1.9TBs of HD space.
  12. bigshot
    Sounds about right. I have a Drobo dedicated to music. It consists of three 2TB virtual drives. One is audio files and the other two are music videos. I'm going to have to upgrade it to 3TB drives soon, because I'm not even halfway through ripping yet.
  13. rhiga
    Honestly, i can't tell a difference between 320kbps and FLAC, maybe my headphone  isn't that good (Shure SRH440) or it's my ears.
  14. Lan647
    I am young, have treated my ears carefully, and I use the HD 800s. I can't tell a difference between 320kbps and FLAC :wink: I do believe it's non-existant for human ears (we all know many people tend to imagine things...) but hey I could be wrong. 
  15. Magick Man

    I usually can't either, there have only been a couple of very subtle exceptions. I just like to archive in FLAC. Drive space is incredibly cheap, so might as well save my music in a lossless format on the server.
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