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FLAC Streaming Radio Stations

Discussion in 'Music' started by bobpaule, Nov 13, 2016.
  1. Bobpaule
    Incredibly limited choices, and cannot yet justify TIDAL, links on the two websites listed at bottom, listed in order of my preferences:
    1. CRO D-Dur, classical:
    their website has the repertoire, http://www.rozhlas.cz/d-dur/program 
    2. JB Radio2, indie, and the only one in 96k:
    3. Frequence3 eclectic, mostly dance:
    4. Rondo Classic Klasu:
    5. Eko Des Garrigues, alternative music:

    6. AI Radio demoscene, gaming music:
    Here is Icecast's list, many non-working links:
    This is another list, scroll to the middle as the top links are defunct by now:
    I would appreciate if any of you could post "hidden gems" broadcasting in lossless.
  2. Kandiru
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